Dexter Russell DuoGlide 10″ Wide Cook’s Knife 40043


Dexter Russell DuoGlide 10″ Wide Cook’s Knife 40043

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Dexter Russell DuoGlide 10″ Wide Cook’s Knife 40043

If you are looking for a knife that will slice, chop, dice, mince, and disjoint, these Chef’s and Cook’s knives are calling your name.  The chef’s knife has become popular in the kitchen due to its versatility; you can use it for almost anything with enough practice.  With a curved edge towards the tip of the knife you will find that slicing and chopping are extremely easy to perform with a rocking motion.  The longer the blade is the more control and efficiency the user has.  We’ve kept in mind that not everyone is comfortable wielding a 12” blade therefore we also offer 8” and 10” options to please everyone.

The DuoGlide family of knives is designed to make it easier for those with arthritis to cut, chop, or slice, with greater comfort and less fatigue. DuoGlide combines Dexter Russell’s renowned blade technology with an ultra-soft, right-sized and textured handle that can be gripped in several ways for more comfort and control.  The high-carbon, stainless steel blade is individually ground and honed to be the ultimate edge, corrosion resistant, and uniquely designed for each cutting task. DuoGlide knives combine ergonomic, state-of-the-art designs and today’s most advanced technology to give you a more precise, more comfortable way to cut.

  • Arthritis friendly
  • Professional grade cross polish
  • Soft, high-impact, stain resistant handle
  • Duo-edge technology for ultra thin, non-stick slicing
  • Unique design positions hand directly over the food 
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