Dexter Russell Industrial 2″ Stencil Knife 54040 BX1M Box of 12


Dexter Russell Industrial 2″ Stencil Knife 54040 BX1M Box of 12

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Dexter Russell Industrial 2″ Stencil Knife 54040 BX1M Box of 12 

This stencil knife features a sharp 2″ blade for precision cutting designed for intricate and detailed work, particularly in the realm of stenciling and crafting. Create designs or patterns by cutting shapes into a material such as paper, cardboard, plastic, or even metal. The narrow 2″ blade allows for greater control and precision during the cutting process. 

Scrapbooking: Stencil knives are handy for cutting out precise shapes, letters, or designs in scrapbooking projects. This allows for customization and creative detailing in the layout of photos, papers, and other embellishments. 

Paper Cutting: When precision is crucial in paper cutting projects, such as architectural models, cardmaking, or intricate paper art, a stencil knife can be the tool of choice. The narrow blade allows for detailed cuts in various types of paper. 

Art and Craft Projects: Artists and hobbyists use stencil knives for a wide range of creative projects. Whether it’s cutting out fine details in mixed media art, creating custom templates for painting, or making intricate designs in sculpture, the precision of a stencil knife is valuable. 

Graphic Design: In graphic design, stencil knives are employed for cutting out designs on materials like vinyl or adhesive paper. This is common in creating custom decals, signage, or other graphic elements. 

Architectural Model Making: When crafting architectural models, designers use stencil knives to cut precise details in materials like foam board, cardboard, or balsa wood. This allows for accurate representation of building structures and features. 

Dexter-Russell has the right tool for any industrial task. Our finest tool steel, durable hardwood handles, functional blade shapes, and just right flexibility help you get the job done. Our complete line of industrial cutlery offers skilled craftsmen and artisans the widest selection of professional industrial cutlery, providing the right tool for every task.

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