Dexter Russell iCut-PRO 8″ Forged Scalloped Bread Slicer 30405


Dexter Russell iCut-PRO 8″ Forged Scalloped Bread Slicer 30405

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Dexter Russell iCut-PRO 8″ Forged Scalloped Bread Slicer 30405

Bread can be flaky and very difficult to cut through with most knives, except a bread knife. The scalloped blade will slice through bread without mashing it, and make sure to cut in a sawing motion to get the clean cut you desire. The sharp points on the edge are what allow the blade to cut through bread so easily by breaking through the crust.  Straight edge knives will push down on the bread and never break the surface.  You will find that Dexter Russell bread knives have either a classic knife handle or an offset handle which keeps your knuckle from getting in the way while slicing.  They are especially useful for foods with waxy skin like tomatoes and peppers because the scalloped edge can grip the skin where a straight edge knife might slip.

The iCut-PRO product line is the top choice among professional cooks and student chefs who are sticking to a budget, but are not willing to sacrifice quality for a cheaper price.  This knife includes forged German stainless steel for excellent durability and balance.  We are confident you will notice the outstanding cutting control and balance while using the iCut-PRO product line.  This stainless steel blade will keep a sharp, lasting edge that will rarely need to be re-sharpened.  With the ergonomic Santoprene handle, your grip will never become slippery, even if the handle becomes wet.  Overall, these knives are well-rounded and would make the perfect match for any professional who spends long hours handling knives.  This product is imported-Not USA made.

  • ergonomic handle provides cutting control
  • grip handle won’t become slippery when wet
  • Unique edge geometry for long lasting, easily restored performance
  • NSF certified to meet health code standards
  • Forged German stainless steel for durability and perfect balance
  • High quality stainless steel for edge retention and easy cleaning
  • Imported
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